Thursday, September 22, 2011

Trying to be Thankful

I am thankful for...

... for french fries with ketchup.

... for warm, moist air that feels so tropical.

... for pretty new ducks in the back yard.

... for baby turtles eating, drinking and toddling around.

... for naps.

... for...

.......the strength to take the next breath.


Anonymous said...

And friends: don't forget to be thankful for friends! I am thankful for you my friend!
I love you,Janette!

Margaret in VA said...

And grown-up sons who make you proud. And for hopes and expectations still to be fulfilled, and for the mercies of kids who love us, when we mess up all of the time, and for a God who owes us nothing, yet gives us everything and to whom we owe everything yet we can give nothing, and still He loves us!
Thankful for you and for your silly turtles...and what the heck is on that duck's head?!? L/U!