Friday, October 14, 2011

The Latest at the Ewings

Woo Hoo!!! A photo was finally posted on the USAF BMT fb page that has Nathaniel's face in it!!!!!

He looks very somber and exhausted, but it is just SO good to see his face. :)
His last letter says he is enjoying the marching and finds BMT quite easy, "just follow the rules". The hardest part for him is that it's "...kinda boring. The stuff isn't that hard." He has made it his goal to graduate with honors. Currently Nathaniel is able to do 74 push-ups in 60 seconds, making him top in his flight for this. He continues to experience severe headaches from this kind of exertion though, so please pray for him regarding that.

Check out another new item... Luke's new look!!!!

Ok, that is not Luke's new look exactly. He is trying so hard to give a big frown. lol

What is really new are the glasses!!!

I had suspected since Luke came home that he needed glasses, but it was not a pressing need until recently when he kept complaining of his eyes tiring while reading. Now, doesn't our boy look studious?!

Now, I want to show you the new apron that I made for myself, from some of my favorite fabric. I also made one for my mom and sister, (hopefully will post pictures of those later).

And my final share point for today is Ryan singing at the CHRF Annual Church Campout Talent Show, Come Thou Fount. He did a fantastic job!! Everyone praised him. He kept his eyes closed the whole time so that he wouldn't be distracted. It must have worked! At one point many of the men in the audience seems compelled to join in. It felt quite inspired. It was such a blessing and he did so well. Click Here to hear Ryan him sing.

Monday, September 26, 2011

I am thankful for...

... for a first phone call from my son at basic training! Yay!! :))

... for a face book page with pictures of boys in boot camp! (Maybe his face will show up soon!) USAF Basic Military Training

... for the excitement of things to come.

... for new days and fresh hope.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Trying to be Thankful

I am thankful for...

... for french fries with ketchup.

... for warm, moist air that feels so tropical.

... for pretty new ducks in the back yard.

... for baby turtles eating, drinking and toddling around.

... for naps.

... for...

.......the strength to take the next breath.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Edit Note

I missed the memo. No Christmas visit this year from Nathaniel. We will make a trip to TX for his basic training graduation, then will see him when he returns to the east coast in DE.


It seems life doesn't like to sit still. We are excited to find another of our kids ready to
begin a life on his own. Nathaniel has asked Christa to marry him and she said yes! What a beautiful girl she is too!!
First, before he marries though, he must pay his dues to the Air Force Reserves and spend some time at boot camp and then tech school. He leaves September 20th, returns for a short visit at Christmas and is off to Dover, DE in April (tentative plan). That is a tough pill to swallow. Nathaniel has a huge presence in our home. And we have all grown very close to him, especially over the past year. It seems the teen-age days are over and we have our old, very close relationships with him restored. Thanks be to God! Nathaniel will be greatly missed!!!
So, as I have learned to do during challenging times,... I will begin once again to list the many blessing that the Lord is so good to bestow upon me. It helps me to stay focused on His love and reminds me of the joy that He wishes me to live in.

So to begin my list:

I am thankful for....

for friends who remind me to keep remembering what I’m thankful for.
for ring shopping with my son.
for a big shiny diamond on a beautiful gold band ... on a pretty girl's hand.

for beautiful young girls who fall in love with boys.
for friends who pray for friends.
for scriptures that remind me how to walk in His way.
for son's strong arms to hold a hurting mom.
for listening ears and encouraging words.
for photos.
for music.
for sunshine.
for hope.

Friday, May 20, 2011


Today, I was gone most of the day running errands. I got home and threw frozen pizzas into the oven and called Luke in from his favorite place to play, the chicken yard. He put away all his things, fed the dogs and was headed upstairs to clean up for supper when he stopped in his tracks. "Mom! I have a present for you.....I found a cockroach for the lizards. It's in my pocket!"
Now first, you have to know that we do like to get crawling bugs for our lizard pets, so catching bugs isn't all that unusual.
I asked him, "You put a cockroach in your pocket?"
"Yes ma'am!"
"Do you really think it is still there? better get outside to find out!"
He steps outside and puts his hand into his back pocket. He reaches, digs, feels around. "No, I guess it's gone," he says with disappointment. He digs a little deeper, his back bending backward as he feels the corners of his back pocket.
"WAIT!! Here it is! It's still in here!.....Mom? Why don't you like cockroaches?"
Is this little boy adorable or what?!? I am so glad God blessed me with this boy to keep me laughing!

Sunday, March 27, 2011


I now have a beautiful new son-in-law!! The best son-in-law in all the world! I have the best family in all the world!! And nobody compares to the immeasurable quality of my loving friends!!! You are all such an incredible blessing to me. I don't deserve one of you, but yet you love me. I am truly humbled. I love each of you too. Thank you for making the most important day in my daughter's life so absolutely perfect. :)