Friday, May 20, 2011


Today, I was gone most of the day running errands. I got home and threw frozen pizzas into the oven and called Luke in from his favorite place to play, the chicken yard. He put away all his things, fed the dogs and was headed upstairs to clean up for supper when he stopped in his tracks. "Mom! I have a present for you.....I found a cockroach for the lizards. It's in my pocket!"
Now first, you have to know that we do like to get crawling bugs for our lizard pets, so catching bugs isn't all that unusual.
I asked him, "You put a cockroach in your pocket?"
"Yes ma'am!"
"Do you really think it is still there? better get outside to find out!"
He steps outside and puts his hand into his back pocket. He reaches, digs, feels around. "No, I guess it's gone," he says with disappointment. He digs a little deeper, his back bending backward as he feels the corners of his back pocket.
"WAIT!! Here it is! It's still in here!.....Mom? Why don't you like cockroaches?"
Is this little boy adorable or what?!? I am so glad God blessed me with this boy to keep me laughing!

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Margaret in VA said...

What do you think? Time for another thankfulness post? Praying for you and hoping you're doing okay.