Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happenings in 2010 so far- It's only Sept. 28th

Wow! This year has traveled past me so fast! I was shocked to realize that I had not blogged since 2009. I will definitely have to do better in the future!
Well, I have a new passion. I have begun quilting. I was slowly introduced to the art by my mom-in-law first of all with her beautiful quilts produced throughout the years for her many loved ones. Then, by a dear friend when she asked for assistance preparing a gift for her niece's wedding. I attended a quilt show shortly after that, and I was strongly enticed to try a project myself. My mom-in-law came for a visit and I asked her to bring along some quilt books to peruse. She took me shopping for fabric and helped me set up a design board. I was set! We fiddled and cut and played and planned. Then we shopped again. :) I liked that part as much as the planning. Eventually my mom-in-law had to go home. :( But I kept playing. My friend Margaret helped me sew the pieced together. Then, it sat... I had to come up with a border....and sat...and sat. Finally, I picked a border. Then it needed quilting. So, it sat...and sat...and sat....! How was I going to quilt this thing?! I was petrified!!
I had to do something even if it was wrong! So I bought my thread and put it into the machine, and started. I was done in no time. It looked great. I then quilted the border, put on the binding and signed it.
I was hooked!!! (it still took a few weeks to get it hung in the lonely spot that had waited for it for so long).

Oh, it sits a little off, and I caught some fabric on the back that didn't belong there when I was quilting it (that I didn't rip out), but I am happy with it. It was a blast to put together, and leaves me with a feeling of accomplishment.


Janette said...

Well, that wasn't supposed to publish yet, I hadn't even proof-read it yet. Oh well! There you have it. :)

Margaret in VA said...

You posted!!! (faints)