Thursday, July 3, 2008

Vacation in Montana

I awoke in Montana this morning at exactly 4:00am. Everyone is sleeping in. That is, they are not up yet. I arrived yesterday early afternoon, but my luggage did not. It seemed to think it needed more time in Denver. It took almost more than I could handle to go to bed last night in borrowed pj's and without my stuff that I use for my bedtime ritual. Hopefully all will be well later this morning with the arrival of my suit case.
It was so good to see my family yesterday. I even got to see April since she was in town doing some shopping with a friend. I have not seen many of my nieces and nephew yet, though I look forward to seeing more of them on the 4th. Gale, my brother's wife will be having a BBQ at Mom and Dad's to celebrate. I am anxious to see everyone and have a visit.
Everything is so green here. It has rained an unusually high amount this year and for the first time in my memory, it is still green and lush in July. Mom and Dad have done so much to this place. It looks fresh and pretty. And, of course, it still has that refreshing peacefulness to it. I still love this place.
News: I got a call from our adoption matchmaker yesterday. We are being seriously considered for a group of 3 children from Ohio. This is our first time of being considered at this level. The children of course are beautiful. However, we know very little about them yet other than the write-up we read online. Those seem to be written in rosy colors. Well, we shall see.
The sun is finally rising. I think I will head of to see what lies ahead this day.

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