Friday, May 30, 2008

Beautiful Spring Day

Well, what a beautiful day to be outside. I have been in front of my new computer for a lot of the day, but was out for a bit too. I went for a lovely walk with my neighbor. We chatted about our mutual interest in foster children, adoption, our pets, and the proper perspective in regards to animals in our world, seeing that they are not "made in the image of God"as people are. We enjoy uplifting and encouraging each other in our challenges in life.

Whitney and I got out and entirely weeded our little garden in the back yard today. We planted only a few plants this year to make sure it did not get away from us, and it almost has already. We have planted peas (Whitney's babies), carrots, spinach, beets, onions, bell peppers and tomatoes. The peas are the most interesting at this point, as they seem to have a fear of heights and yet they are long gangley things. They have been trying to crawl along the ground. Whitney careful strung them up the fence in hopes they behave more pea-like. We are up against a strong battle with weeds however, as our fertilizer came from the back pasture, and contained many weed seeds.

We also tied out our horse and goats to help keep the grass and weeds and feed bill down. They seem to enjoy the fresh produce. It doesn't really take too much effort to tie them out, but still it seems to be one of those tasks we put off as long as possible. Pounding in stakes, leading out misbehaving goats, putting out and filling up water containers and then making sure they don't tangle themselves all adds up to a bit of inconvenience that we often prefer to skip.

Tim will be working late tonight with board meetings going on. The boys are finished with a light day of chores. I didn't pressure them to get much school accomplished since they are for the most part finished for the summer. I have decided we will not entirely quit schooling this summer though. I think it will be good to keep them occupied. Whitney is studying continuously and not prepared to take the summer off. She is ready for the next CLEP exam, so things are a little lighter for her at this time, with the final prep being the taking of practice exams.

I suppose I had better get on with my day.

Blessings upon you!

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